Interview: Murder Weapons (Electronic/Rock) (Seattle)

When I first came across the video for “Hive” by Seattle’s Murder Weapons, a couple of55 things stood out; the brilliance in simplicity for what really is a memorable song and the undeniably powerful vocals.  Murder Weapons blends industrial/rock/goth elements and then some for some pretty moving, powerful tracks.  We went to the band in effort to dig deeper.  So we’d like to thank Jesse and Dawn from Murder Weapons for their time.

It has been three years since your last release.  Why that long and have you been working on new material?

If it isn’t one thing it’s another. We had a few personnel changes and have been focusing on a number of behind the scenes endeavors as well as dealing with the adversity life throws out. We’re always working on new material but it’s not always up to par and needs fine-tuning before we present it live or record it. We have also been refining our methods and the next release should be out much faster.

For the readers and for people who might not have heard your work before, can you give us a brief history of Murder Weapons?

I started composing music on my own and slowly accumulating musicians. Dawn was recommended to me by mutual colleagues and after she wrote lyrics to all the songs in the month before our first show opening for My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. After that we did a number of shows to tighten our sound and performances. Billy Mace started playing drums for us in 2016 and Shon Shiv joined in early 2017 and they’ve both brought some interesting new sounds to the fold that we’re looking forward to showcasing on our upcoming release.

You recently released a video for the song, “Hive.”  Why the decision to do a video now and what can  you tell us about where it was filmed and such?

Basically, we got tired of not having a video, so we made one. Tetraknot is a professional cinematography firm that has a lot of experience and we know them very well so when they suggested filming at the Georgetown Steam Plant by Boeing Field we were all for it. The building is amazing and we’d love to go back.

Dawn:  You have an extremely powerful voice and fairly unique for this music.  Who inspired you to take up singing?

I started singing gospel in church at a very young age. KISS was the first band as a little girl that inspired me to want to be in a theatrical band. From there, soulful voices like Alison Moyet, Stevie Nicks, Bjork and Eric Martin. My first band was in high school.

I’ve heard that your live shows can often be fairly intense and it would certainly seem so after having seen some clips on Youtube.  What can fans expect who go see you?

Blood, confetti, nail bats and splash zones are common elements. We’ve had cage dancers, murders and body parts on the stage with us and you can always count on Dawn to be in the crowd singing on her wireless mic.

On Youtube there is a clip of you doing a very dark, creepy track called “Come Little Children.”  Talk a little bit about that track if you don’t mind especially since it does not appear on the “Guilty” album.

That was one of the earliest tracks I composed, it used to open every show. It’s our version of the song Sarah Jessica Parker sings in the movie Hocus Pocus, only ours is about Albert Fish. It will probably end up on some release at some point. I do like that song.

What’s more important for you?  To leave a visceral or emotional reaction for your fans?

For me, the two are linked. I want people to be excited and want more.

Are you involved in any musical side projects or endeavors in other forms of art?

I’ve been doing some remixes lately for various bands, I write horror stories for a few publications and I like to make landscape videos with my drone.

If not already mentioned, what plans do you have for the rest of 2018 and into 2019?

We’re playing at the Hard Rock Cafe Seattle’s first industrial music night on September 14th, we are also headlining Fright Fest at Louie G’s on October 26th in Fife. We’re preparing for our next video which we hope to shoot before the end of the year as well as release our new music. We’re going to be playing Mechanismus industrial music festival in Seattle in mid 2019. Our music video has been selected for Wasteland Film Festival and the Oregon Short Film Festival. I don’t want to make any promises yet, but look for us at Crypticon 2019 as well.

Many, many years from now a very distant relative locates a box in the attic of an old home.  In the box they find a Murder Weapons album and something to play it on.  What would you like this person to know about your legacy simply from listening to your music?

We did our best to make songs that would make people think, and that they could identify with, one way or another, or just listen to and enjoy. There’s something there for everybody and I hope this person will find something there for them as well.

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