The Sunday Dungeon Review: Caves of Agalloth – “Sprawling Ruins of Desert Temple” Review

a1302248031_16The more obscure we can get on the occasional Sunday Dungeon… the better.  So today our offering comes from a mysterious artist from Prague going by the name of Caves of Agalloth and the release is a digital-only Name Your Own Price album, Sprawling Ruins of Desert Temple.

From Bandcamp: “In the heart of Nazik desert lies mighty ruins of temple long abandoned by its creators and surrounded just by endless dunes of sand and ever-blowing wind. No one has seen it for aeons of time except the human-like creatures of night who worship there their dreadful forgotten gods. Anyone who would be lucky enough to cross the wrathful desert and step on the oddly cold stone will be sacrificed by that beings dwelling in darkness to horrid mouth of well where rests the waters of all evil.”

The release consists of two long tracks, parts I and II of the same title and totals around 30 minutes.  After what sounds like a man falling into the pit of despair at around 1:00, the initial atmosphere is really more of a soundscape/dark ambient vibe with what sounds like genuine cave field recordings (water dripping etc…).  There are dungeon synth elements used but if a part does repeat, he builds on it using what sound like more organic, natural instruments (metal hits, wood strikes etc.)

Track 2 starts vastly different from track 1.  It begins with more of a vibe that is akin to a low-budged dramatic horror movie soundtrack minus much polyphony.  The piece then returns to some of the themes explored in the first track.  Herein they seem to be using a combination of analog and digital sounds as well as the aforementioned natural sounding instrumentation.  The track develops relatively repetitiously but builds without getting boring and pretty much ends softly as it began.

Pretty worthwhile digital-only release for fans of dungeon synth that don’t mind a hint of the dark ambient.

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