Archgoat – “The Luciferian Crown” Album Review (black/death metal)

Archgoat – The Luciferian Crown

On September 14, Debemur Morti will release the new album from legendary cult black metal act Archgoat.  Thus…our offering today.  Filled with the hellish fury and distinct primitivism that Archgoat has come to be known for, new and old fans alike are sure to be pleased.

From Bandcamp: “The Luciferian Crown’ is a frighteningly-focused vision of hellish corruption, unsentimental, morally abhorrent and steeped in a violent horror all too real. 
ARCHGOAT share the same penchant for mind-altering atmospherics, blurring the mystical song-craft of first wave black metal with guttural punk, primitive thrash, the sonorous barbarism of vintage death metal and grindcore that reeks of putrefaction. “

Nine songs and an intro comprise the content on The Luciferian Crown.  At quite a few moments the record actually has almost a bluesy feel of old bands like Pentagram or early Sabbath.  But there is quite a bit of variety in terms of tempos.  It’s not all break-neck speed.  However, a track like “Sorcery and Doom” definitely holds its own in the speed arena and actually sounds musically as though some influence was taken a bit from early Century Media bands like Asphyx or Unleashed.

The vocals on The Luciferian Crown are performed and mixed at a level rendering them as the equivalent of a murky, disgusting, bubbling oil; all low-end (i.e. no second wave black metal screams) and lends to the obvious focus of blending death and black metal influences.

In any case, cult legends Archgoat can still hold their own and represent what they do best in 2018 staying true to the sound that they started their career on.  If you are into the primitive-sounding, raw-guitar crunching black metal with just the right amount of unpolished production, the new Archgoat album should be right up your alley.  

:: Additionnal Infos ::


Recorded at Temple of Black Moon.
Produced by Werwolf.
Mixed by Teemu Velin.
Music and lyrics by Ritual Butcherer.
Cover art by Chris Moyen.
Layout by Kontamination Design.

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