The Projectionist – “Visits From the NightHag Part 1” Album Review (black metal)

Visits From The NightHag Part 1

One of the more original and quite honestly frightening black metal releases to arrive in our Inbox in a while is the reason for our offering today.  Today we have Visits From the NightHag Part 1 from The Projectionist due out September 30 on Appalachian Noise Records. 

“A jarring, unsettling concept album that unravels the story of a projectionist, accosted by night terrors that induce sleep paralysis so powerful his limbs are to be amputated. The vicious, cryptic NightHag covets what magics she knows him to possess. She will summon all the forces of hell to steal them from him and slaughter all he holds dear…” (Lörd Matzigkeitus)

There is so much going on in this album at most given times and in different moments that in some cases it is nearly overwhelming to the senses.  Unsettling during most of the duration and mesmerizing in select points, the album simply can’t be taken in or appreciated fully during one listen.  Is that a bad thing?  Not at all.  In fact, it acknowledges the originality of this recording.  Unfortunately sometimes words don’t do an album justice.

Nevertheless, the album is split into 5 lengthy tracks or “acts.”  The compositions are mostly woven over the top of a sometimes harmonic and sometimes hauntingly dis-harmonic dark ambient backdrop.  It’s nearly like listening to 2 albums at the same time and creates for a very entrancing experience.

Musically The Projectionist pulls influences from a number of different paths from the likes of 1st and 2nd wave black metal to thrash to death metal.  Even musical and vocal nuances akin to King Diamond appear in tracks like “A Saw To Dissolve all Travel.”  They don’t really stick to predictable composition or chord changes which makes the album worth listening to like a horror movie for the first time.

Highly recommended if you like your raw black metal cinematic and atmospheric.

The album is due for release on September 30 via Appalachian Noise Records on vinyl LP format (in 3 different color variations, limited to 300 copies).

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