The Sunday Dungeon Review: Bahkauv – “Et Bahkouv kütt”

Et Bahkouv kütt by Bahkauv.

From our friends at Dunkelheit Productions comes a fairly interesting take on dungeon synth.  So for the Sunday Dungeon review we have Et Bahkouv kütt by Bahkauv.

Et Bahkouv kütt contains 6 total tracks ranging between 3:39 for the Intro and 11:06.  Structurally, the composition is fairly simplistic and resembles somewhat the primitive dungeon synth.  However, it seems to be created with modern synth sounds.  The harmonies are done pretty tastefully yet again simply and the atmosphere is one that is contemplative and somber.

What’s interesting about this recording is that it is performed against a backdrop of rain sounds at times which gives the feel of the artist perhaps in an area of the castle out of the dungeon. “Getrudisnacht zu Aachen (Die Legende vom wehrhaften Schmied” is a bit of a highlight of the album and contains some pretty pristine production and interesting choices of sounds; even has more of a medieval, chamber music kind of feel.

“Mundolph und Gundolphus” uses more of an old-school analog synth/organ sound.  By this point in the album, you wonder if perhaps if this might be just a great dungeon synth Various Artist compilation.  But no…. same artist, just a lot of diversity in one recording.  Look at it like the soundtrack to a book with separate stories.  In fact the album is based on regional myths, legends, stories and sagas.  “Koylberg zu Eschwylre” almost has more of a cosmic/spacey feel with wavy synths on top of a low-end drone.  An interesting take on dungeon synth that perhaps hasn’t been seen since Mortiis’s side project Fata Morgana.

Et Bahkouv kütt is available on ltd. edition cassette and digital download.  Go have a look if you like some diversity within one dungeon synth release.A-6690498-1536398834-9368.png

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