Krebs – “Blood And Stone” Album Review (dark electronic)

Blood And Stone – Krebs

In 2017 dark electronic artist Krebs released his 3-track album, Blood And Stone.  It finally sees a proper distribution with our friends at Machine Man Records and is the cause for our review today.

“Created in 2012 by Michael Haggerty, Krebs is a dark electronic project from Philadelphia, PA. Rooted in noise, and influenced by multiple artists within the electronic genre, Krebs is a fusion of all things heavy, dark and spooky.” (MMR)

The title track starts off as a steady and subdued piece that quickly shows Krebs’ command of soft vs. “big” sounding dynamics.  Going from minimal keys and rhythms to thick string sounds, bigger vocals and synth keys, the track makes for some nice and powerful transitions.

“Vulnerable Outline” is the sort of track that evokes the feeling of being in a kind of BSDM bar in the seedy section of the city; a little reminiscent of a cross between Thrill Kill Kult and Rob Halford’s unfortunately brief industrial side-project TWO.  “Razor Tree” is a really nice closer of a track regardless of the album’s length.  One might envision a night-time drive on the outskirts of a big city as the music serves as the soundtrack to a pleasant ride.

Krebs seems to have a pretty good command of dynamic when it comes to dark electronic music especially in terms of depth and retro vs. modern.  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what Krebs has for us hopefully in the near future.  For now, he’s got one foot between the present and past and one kicking the dirt toward the future.

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