Bodyache – “Vehement Suffering” EP Review (grindcore/noise)

a0869206827_16Mental illness is the reason for our review today.  And for that we go to New Zealand for a short, digital EP from Bodyache titled Vehement Suffering

Bodyache is the project of one D.Lapine who states: “I’ve channeled my energy, pain and nightmares into this new project. It’s sound is harsh and punishing and I hope it gives a window into my mindset at the time”

“Harsh and Punishing;” an understatement as severe as the aural harshness contained herein.  Vehement Suffering, however, is perhaps a more appropriate phrase if the artist in fact did try to translate his mental struggles into sonic abrasiveness.

Vehement Suffering is a digital-only EP that contains 6 tracks ranging from :30 to 4:42 but mostly go between 1 and 2 minutes in length.  The release begins with an incredibly disturbing intro containing mangled, apparent vocal suffering and ultra low-end noisy drone.  Track 2, “Ostentatious Decoration,” shows more of the grindcore mixed with noise aspects of the release.

The rest of the EP could basically be summed up as a mixture of noise, grindcore, doom metal and just plain audio violence. What I found to be perhaps the most “appealing”  (using that term loosely) were the intentional or unintentional noise “walls” that were created by the effect-laden but organically constructed compositions.

Mental illness isn’t anything to mess with.  It’s very real and often a very harsh reality.  But so is this release and if it’s an indication of the artist’s struggles, I do hope that knowing it has been shared for public listening helps in their healing.  Fans of grindcore and sonic violence take note.

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