The Sunday Dungeon: Bahkauv – “Der Lavenstein” Review (dungeon synth)

a1168002472_16For The Sunday Dungeon review today we have surprisingly another new EP from mysterious dungeon synth act Bahkauv.  The digital version is already available but soon a ltd. edition cassette will appear courtesy of our friends at Dunkelheit in Germany.

“Covering dreams and old tales around “Der Lavenstein”, an old defend-tower around the city of Aachen that was build between 1300-1350.”

Der Lavenstein is simply one track 15:10 in length.  The track magically blends elements of dungeon synth with dark ambient backdrops and whimsical and crystalline synth sounds weaving in and out.  Unlike some dungeon synth which remains to be repetitive and leaving the imagination where the style suggests…in the dungeon, Bahkauv’s execution is more akin to a composer of the medieval or modern classical kind.  The composition explores without being overly experimental.  Essentially, the sounds enter and exit the dungeon and explore the nymph and fairy-inhabited woods.  Harpsichord sounds are used in addition to liturgical organ and deep synth sounds.  The track presents an interesting dynamic between sparsity and density; uplifting and moody and stylistically between dark ambient and dungeon synth.  It will be interesting to see where Bahkauv takes us next.  Definitely worth checking out.

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