Kāla – “Shavasana” Demo Review (black metal/dark ambient)

Kāla – Shavasana

Coming to us steeped in mystery and a mixture of atmospheric black metal and dark ambient is the band Kāla and their demo Shavasana.  This of course could be a case where it’s a good thing with the less we know.  That way, we can appreciate the music for what it is without context.

The demo starts out with the pretty mesmerizing intro, “Crossing-the-Viraj” mixing a hypnotic sitar pulsating in and out and some kind of wind instrument.  “Like Fires Of Virabhadra” is the second track that blends some slowly-plucked strings with a raw background of harsh guitars.  What sets this demo apart from others is its tendency to combine chord progressions and combinations that wouldn’t typically go together.  Yet, for some reason, when combined in this atmosphere, they work.  At some point the track turns into more of a traditional sounding tremolo-picked black metal track but then returns to its own character.  “Death By Kadga” continues the demo and combines really slow, creepy and murky growling vocals above a background that is, in contrast, fast.  Again we see this mysterious band’s ability to combine elements that don’t always successfully go together.  But they do here.  “Shavesana” is the final track in the demo and is a ritual dark ambient/drone sounding piece that includes some of the most guttural, demonic sounding vocals you’ve heard.



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