Retaliate Of Anger – “Final Echo” Album Review (ebm/glitch)

a2510015526_16From our friends at Machine Man Records comes a trip between the 90s to the left and present-day ebm to the right.

From Bandcamp: “With lyrical themes inspired and influenced by the works of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, H.P. Lovecraft, Salem and the Secret World online MMORPG games, Retaliate Of Anger is not your typical glitch / EBM electronic project. “

Final Echo contains 7 solid tracks of glitch-infused ebm industrial.  Instantly one is taken by the purity of the sounds akin to old 90s recordings from the likes of Ministry, Skinny Puppy and so on.  Perhaps the most appealing factor in this recording is the mixing in of glitch elements.  It’s these little nuances that bring about the retro feel to a recording that is otherwise a reminder that ebm is alive and breathing (with new life, I might add).

There seems to even be a bit of an old horror movie soundtrack within some of the melodies and instrumentation.  Take for example, “The Deep Ones” which creates a sound similar to 80s b-movie soundtracks.  “Autotopsyturvy” on the other hand is a heavier track that will appeal to more of the present-day aggrotech/ebm bands of bands like Hocico or Amduscia.  The final cut, “Pyre of Absolution” is an absolute dance floor killer and good for destroying ear buds or car speakers.  

So… definitely a worthwhile listen for any fan of ebm, industrial, glitch music fans.  Available as a Name Your Own Price digital download via Machine Man Records.

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