Interview With Israeli Dark Synth Artist LIYA

912515fd-ae14-41bc-a22c-2c3ba3f2be66The middle east has been exporting some of the best and darkest synthpop and dark ambient music in recent times.  This brings us to a mysterious new artist by the name of Liya.  She just released her debut EP, Listen on Blind Mice Productions.  We’d like to thank Liya for her time in answering our questions.

Please give us a brief background regarding your musical beginnings and your influences growing up.

When I was a child, I remember i played the piano before I even knew how to play. Just simple tunes. I studied classical piano for five years and did not really connect to it. Whenever i felt the urge and when i was alone at home, i would just improvise on the piano. I have always loved and was more connected to electronic music, all kinds of styles from the eighties. I really liked Sandra :). As a teenager I used to hear a lot of club trance. My official entry into the gothic electronic world for all its styles was in my early twenties through my ex-boyfriend who exposed me to this kind of music. Later on, I broadcasted this music on the college radio I studied in and i started to specialize in electronic music as a creator when the deep, dark melodies were always there with the scent of the music from the eighties. 

Your debut EP is “Listen.” It seems to be a simple message yet one of emotional intensity.  Is that accurate and could you give some background on some of the songs?

It actually sounds simple yet it does have a deeper meaning to it. In the song “Listen” it talks about listening to your intuition and what will happen if you don’t do that.

All of the songs are actually about true experiences I’ve had with the concept of love. Apparently for me heartache goes hand in hand in fueling your creativity.

The cover art to the EP is very striking. Tell us about that.

I was sitting with the Graphic designer trying to come up with ideas for the cover, Something that can explain the whole idea behind the name “Listen”. And then it hit me to go with the Butterfly concept. The voice of your intuition is not something loud, and a Butterfly is something gentle. However, you also have the Butterfly effect and that goes perfect with the idea of what happens when you don’t pay attention to that “voice”.

From here i’m sure you can understand the looks of the wings 🙂 and the color purple even though it is a favorite color of mine is related to the whole concept of spirituality.

Are you involved with any side projects?

Not at this moment but i’m open for suggestions.

I’ve heard people say that much of the influence of the music coming out of Israel has to do with the government oppression and society. Is that accurate?  Elaborate if possible.

I can only speak for myself and tell you that my music has nothing to do with that. 🙂

What about non-musical influences for you?

Mostly I’m inspired by my own life experiences, in certain times the intensity of my emotions trigger the creation.

Driving at night influence me also.

Sometimes it just happens thinking a certain thought or doing a certain thing. Nothing i can put my finger on it.

What plans do you have for 2019?

My plans are to continue making music and hopefully to start performing with my material.

Can you talk a bit about your studio set-up and what you use to compose?

I have a basic home studio. I work with Cubase and i play on a Midi controller and i work a lot with “NEXUS” synthesizer plugin. After i’m done with the basic of the song i continue to work on it together with my Producer and his plugins. Among others, in the songs “Listen” and “Always about you”  There was also a use of the Analog Synthesizers Juno-106 and SH-101.

What is the community like for electronic music in TelAviv?  Is it a good live scene or are most bands just in the studio?

There are a lot of electronic parties in Tel-aviv that i can tell you for sure. If i’m not mistaken i believe it is mostly Techno parties.  I know that there are quite a few of Psytrance artists that are successful playing in Israel and abroad.

What influence do you hope listeners take from your music?

In regards of my music I hope it will touch them at a deeper level. Making them feel something different, getting them out of their heads. Simply connecting to the melody and letting it take them wherever it takes them.

In the sense of the lyrics of the song, if they can identify with the lyrics perhaps i hope it will make them feel better that they are not alone with what they are going through. Maybe i can inspire the listeners to change something for the better in their life. Try to Make them ponder about things.  A good example for that is in the song “Listen”.

How did you get involved with Blind Mice Productions? 

I was looking for labels on the internet which wasn’t a simple task. I was on youtube listening to “Communion after dark” an internet radio show. In their playlist they also write the name of the labels, So that is how i found out about Blind Mice Productions. I guess i owe the team of the radio a big thank you. 🙂

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