Xerxes The Dark – “Tower Of Silence” Album Review (dark ambient)

Tower Of Silence – Xerxes The Dark

There is subterranean.  There is the “other worldly.”  And then you have the likes of depth and dimensions to which Iranian dark ambient act Xerxes The Dark is unafraid to go.  Tower of Silence is the latest release.

From Bandcamp: “In Ancient Persia, there was a burial ceremony, Excarnation was a Zoroastrian ritual to left the dead bodies on Tower Of Silence [Dakhma] so vultures can see and eat the flesh, then the remained bones were left and went to the main well of the tower.
The artist uses “Tower Of Silence” as a metaphor to describe the current living situation of mankind. The wisdom is forgotten and ignorance is lurking. Madness, mental disorders and dementia are growing. There are too many cancers and unknown diseases between people.  Tower Of Silence is a mixture of drones, ritual ambient ,dark and cold atmospheres with a touch of haunted field recordings. “

Having said that, the question remains if Xerxes the Dark can create as cinematic of a soundtrack so as to draw the listener into the imagination of such scenery.  Of course he does.  It’s Xerxes The Dark.  Tower Of Silence uses a mixture of drones, ritual ambient passages, field recordings, death industrial nuances and ambient textures of varying light and dark tones.  The listener is placed both as a spectator and as a participant in darkened excursions within the different tracks.  While the imagery to a point can be subjective, one can conclude that Tower of Silence in fact is an appropriate and exceptional soundtrack to the Excarnation ritual.

Xerxes The Dark is simply a master of the craft and will one day be regarded as a legend in the field.  Tower Of Silence further displays their mastery of expanding the dynamics of depth and dimension and other-worldly excursion.

Recommended for the fans of psychological thriller, horror and mystery literature.


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