Twitch – “Instructions To Your Revolution” Single Review (ebm/industrial)

coverDon’t think for even so much as a second that ebm/industrial bands are all about either breaking things or diving into sonic textures that rival the likes of a cheese grater to the side of the face.  Every so often you get a breath of fresh air with an artist (Ruined Conflict or Zwaremachine for example) in said genres that delivers a positive message.  

“Instructions To Your Revolution” is the new single from Calgary’s one-man ebm mastermind, Twitch.  “Crush the negativity.  Never doubt yourself.”  This is the message herein.  

From Bandcamp: “It’s time to stand up, and send a message to this administration and future administrations… it’s time to raise our collective middle finger and take control of our destiny! Our time on the planet is very short. These are the instructions to your revolution!”

The single/EP contains two original tracks; the title track with six remixes and “(Try To) Ease This” with one remix.  The “Disaster Blooms-Negativity” mix of “Instructions…”, ironic as the title implies might be the most interesting.  While it is substantially shorter than the original, it’s filled with whimsical nuances and harsh sound ribbons and twisted/manipulated voices.

“Instructions To Your Revolution” is a much more straight-ahead hybrid of ebm and synthpop while “(Try This)” is far more experimental, glitch-laden and non-linear, even exploring noisy effects and muffled guitar riffs.  Imagine tossing 90s industrial, terror ebm and a hint of Kraftwerk into a blender.  There’s quite a bit of originality in these tracks as well as in the re-interpretations of them.  I give this guy a ton of credit delivering this message in a sea of rehashed, rewashed doom and depression.  I’m looking forward to seeing what Twitch comes up with next.

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