Concrit – “Far” EP Review (dark ambient/noise)

Far – Concrit

On rare occasions we find reason to dive into recent history especially when it comes to the experimental/noisy side of the blog.  Today’s offering comes to us from Spain and from a very intriguing artist who too explores history.

Far is the latest digital-only EP from Spain’s mysterious experimental/noise act, Concrit.

“The EP moves between soft programming and noisy mechanical rhythm mixed with historical speeches and ambient sounds.  FAR is inspired by the human need to reach further and the consequences of exploration and conquer, the hope and the horror.”

6 tracks comprise the length of Far.  The artist makes use of spoken-word samples for both context and in some cases, sonic effects.  Heard herein are the voices of Amelia Earhart, Ernest Shackleton, Neil Armstrong, Presidents Reagan and Eisenhower.  The shuttle challenger accident and Hiroshima attack are two of the topics touched upon herein.  5 of the tracks on the EP are simply named after the year that the artist references.  This is a really effective choice and allows the listener to focus in on the context addressed by the artist.  Track 4, “1945” is perhaps the harshest track with a dense and uncomfortable noise wall.  The artist states, “I wanted to recreate the horror of the bombing, the beginning of the Atomic Era and since then the permanent fear of nuclear attack, for the first time the world behold the destructive power of modern physics, mankind had conquered the atom.”  

The polar opposite of such harshness is shown in the final track, “0000.” In this instance, they use ambient sounds from airports against improvisational piano, thus creating a nostalgic, almost bare feeling and giving a soundtrack for “travelers on their pursuit to the most remote destinations.”

Other tracks on this EP explore textures in dark ambient, noise and death industrial arenas.  Tying these otherwise alternate sub-genres together is the most effective use of the voice samples.  The use of voice samples especially in such as case as this EP can be, at least in the noise field, an under-appreciated tool both sonically and contextually.

Very interesting and enjoyable EP for fans of experimental, dark ambient and noise releases.  Far is a Name Your Own Price release.  However, we encourage you to support the artists of course.

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