Waldgeflüster – “Mondscheinsonaten” Album Review (black/folk metal)


We travel now to Germany allowing ourselves to be carried away by the Bavarian winds and the majesty that exists in the German metal scene.  Waldgeflüster returns, giving us an eight-track, epic slab of folk-infused, frigid black metal the likes of which only the Germans can provide.

From Nordvis: “Let’s take a trip to Bavaria then as Müncheners Waldgeflüsterreturn with eight new folk-drenched black metal eyries to melt the coldest of hearts. The entire album is perfectly pitched to fuel those crystalline winter, woodland walks with its immensely infectious melodies and haunting refrains.”

Mondscheinsonaten contains eight tracks ranging from the 3:09 “Einleitung” to the “Gipfelsturme” clocking in at 12:22.  Perfect blending of dynamics exist herein on a number of levels and thus, make this a very special recording.  Clean and harsh vocals, tremolo plucking and sparse acoustic/folk instrumentation.  One can nearly envision themselves in a care-free, exploration within the Black Forest of Germany.  This album is an emotional journey with passages building upon simple structures and cascading at the perfect moments, only to lead the listener on another journey with the next track.

“Von Winterwaldern und Mondscheinsonaten” has to be the pinnacle of achievement on this release and might even be one of the best atmospheric black metal passages I’ve heard in over a decade.  Perfectly molded riffs, organic clean vocals and a backdrop with the sonic equivalent of a blistering white-out storm in the Bavarian mountains.

One can only travel so far up the highest mountains.  But leave it to our friends, the Germans to do not only that but to build their own and define how the travel should go.  Mondscheinsonaten is a fantastic atmospheric black metal album indeed.  Available on CD, digital and vinyl LP formats mid-April from Nordvis.


Waldgeflüster – Atmospheric Black Metal From Germany


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