Interview: Lousberg (dark ambient)

The Death Of Humanity is the latest release from Lousberg on Dunkelheit Productions.

The Death Of Humanity – Lousberg

Blending elements of modern classical and dark ambient, The Death Of Humanity is a one-track, epic passage guiding the listener on a misanthropic vision of the artist.  We’re grateful to Lousberg for their time in answering our interview.  The Death Of Humanity is available on ltd. vinyl, CD and digital formats

Hello. For the new readers, could you talk about the meaning of the name Lousberg and give a short history of the project?

Lousberg is the highest point in Aachen, and there is an old legend, that the people in aachen betrayed the devil, and so he decided to bury the city under sand. He put a a big bag with sand over his shoulders and walked in the direction of Aachen. But the journey was hard and he got tired, so he ask an old woman, how long it will take to reach Aachen. This old woman was very smart, and in the dialect she was called “Au Lous”. She knew what the devil had in mind, and said to him, that the way is still very long, and will need three times longer to reach his goal. The devil got angry and he grabbed his sack and hurled it to the ground. The bag bursted, and the sand heaped up to a mountain, which later would be called “Lousberg”.

I created Lousberg as a project with no (musical) rules. I wanted to do much more than with my old Band EgoNoir. I wanted, and I want, to ignore any stereo-types. it was getting tedious, to feed people with the black(metal) boredom they need to feel better. So I created Lousberg, and my concept was “No (musical) concept”. The words “Ambient” or “Dark Ambient” are not words I personally use, but it seems that people need concepts for their small horizons. And maybe it even fits at the moment. So I am curious which terminus they use for the later stuff.

In short,I despise it to be pigeonholed.

The new release: “The Death Of Humanity” is an epic, 24 minute track. How long did it take you to create? Did you envision 1 long piece before composing?

How long? Let me think……. I needed approximately thirty minutes to compose and create it! In short: the whole track is a sudden inspiration. It was the right feeling at the right time, and I recorded it in 1 take and with 1 microphone. So you can say it is a “live” recording .

I never envision,i have a feeling and a idea, and then I play my music and then I will see where it will lead me .

Talk about your studio set up; hardware and software used to create your work if you don’t mind.

The only important thing for me is, that I created all music by my own hand. No programming, no samples ( only if I created them by myself).

Is “The Death Of Humanity” designed as a soundtrack to anything specific? What did you have in mind as the idea behind the name and what inspired the creation?

What I had in mind? Look around, and see how the so-called “popular” humanity shows it´s real face. I hate they way people use this word! Humanity describes something good, and implicates that only those who do good things are human. But the truth is, that even the murderers and dictators are human, so it implies that even those motherfuckers are a part of the so called “humanity”.

I hate this word, and it´s just a meaningless term. it´s just a way to adulate the shit of humans. So it is better that humanity dies. And In mine opinion, the only way this can happen is if the most part of mankind dies.

The feeling I had while I recorded this track was very misanthropic, and I mean it not in a childish black-metal-way which dreams of killing people or something else stupid. This is ridiculous and has nothing in common with the real meaning of misanthropic!

“Death Of Humanity” is not dark and somber music, it´s just a melancholic dream how the earth could be with just a few humans, or maybe even with no humans at all.

Did you have to run through a lot of edits or changes before you were happy with “Death of Humanity?” What do you think the biggest challenge was in finishing the album?

As I said before: It´s a one take recording! If I had not been satisfied with the recording, it would never had been published. I would never change a spontaneous recording like this, because any form of change would kill the original source. The only exception was the mastering in a professional studio for the vinyl version.

Your music is classified as “dark ambient.” Technically or sonically speaking, what do you think separates ambient from “dark ambient?”

As I said before: I don´t give a fuck, what other people call it, I do what I want to do. I personally never would call “Death Of Humanity” Ambient or Dark Ambient, because it has some classical arrangements which don´t fit in this scene. Maybe I should call it “synthetic classic”, and create a new pigeonhole for small minded people?

Why do you think that dungeon synth and dark ambient are so often placed close together with black metal, even in some cases on the same release?

I think it was obvious to use keyboards for some atmosphere in such kind of music. I remember those great songs like “ Slaget I Skogen Bortenfor”, where the keys are so fucking minimalist, but it fits so great in this masterwork. Even other Bands like Burzum, Emperor or Tartaros use it in this way. But if I listen to some Dungeon Synth or (Dark) Ambient stuff, which is influenced by those bands and especially in the BM scene, It feels that something went wrong.

There are projects which release ten or more outputs in a year!! They seem to think,that if they use two fingers and some special pre-programmed sounds, it becomes good enough. At the end there is a lot of shit, and you have to search in the shit, with your fingers to find the chocolate!

Don´t misunderstand me; there are some great releases in this scene, but let´s be honest: most of those have less worth than shit. Besides projects like Old Tower (newer project) or Equitant (older project), there is not much more which is worth to listen to!

But I think this is a problem of the this scene: If you are not evil enough to sound like old Mayhem, or not good enough to play like Jean Michel Jarre, or sound like Brian Eno, you just need some money from mommy and daddy to buy you a synthesizer. And when you can hit on one or two keys and do a twenty minutes boring track of nothingness, you can call it “Ambient”. and If can you find more than one or two sounds and can play with more than two fingers, you can call it “Dungeon Synth”.

Is ritual or ceremony important to you for creating or performing?


Are you involved in any side-projects or do you plan to?


What’s next for Lousberg in 2019?

New music!

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