Martin Rach – “Live – Densities, Distances, Differences” Album Review (noise/experimental)

a1931520957_16Noise recordings recorded live have always had a special place in our hearts here.  Among the reasons is the fact of the added spontaneity, glitches and rawness becoming a part of the output.  For a truly mind-blowing example, check out KK Null’s “Tokyo Ground Zero” track from the Entropy Ground Zero album.

Martin Rach caught our ear because even in the title alone he understands why we listen to this art… one word that we’ve said a million times; dynamics.  It’s the degrees of density, the loud vs. soft volume, the differences in abrasiveness and delicacy among many other reasons.

To appreciate Martin’s approach, check out the video below.  Densities, Distances, Differences captures and enormous amount of angles and directions in noise art all in one recording.  He goes from harsh noise walls to minimalist discomfort; from allowing a hands-free approach to allowing the life of the noise to breathe on its own.  I’d really be interested to hear him pull these elements apart, dissect them and focus within each recording.  There are three tracks on the album on Bandcamp.  There are especially some unique textures and dynamics in the second track.

Have a listen and support.  This is a Name Your Own Price recording on Bandcamp.  It will be interesting to see what this guy does next.


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