Special Announcement: New Dark Ages Signs Licensing Deal with German Electro-Industrial Act NEON INSECT (Special Pre-Order Note)

Before we make the official announcement tomorrow, I wanted to let everyone on here…all the faithful readers be the first to hear the special news.  Some of you know that I run my own PR entity, New Dark Ages PR (www.newdarkagespr.com).  Well, we just became a label.  Please excuse the basic design…but here you go.  https://newdarkagespr.bandcamp.com/

We’re extremely excited to announce that we just signed a licencing agreement with German electro-industrial act NEON INSECT.  If you’ve not heard NEON INSECT, you should.  It’s a one-man project, extremely innovative.  Check out his new single here:


Due to popular demand, the new album, NEW MOSCOW UNDERGROUND will now be available on CD!  The official announcement won’t be until tomorrow, but here’s the link if you wanted to check out the album.  First CD pressing limited to only 100 copies.  If it does well, we may press more.


CD will release around September 15.  Digital and cassette editions available August 30.

Thanks everyone!!

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