Capelo – S/T “Demo” Review (dark ambient)

a2929089935_16Coming to us seemingly out of nowhere (Ok, technically Lisbon, Portugal) is a mysterious artist going simply by the name of Capelo who brings us a demo clocking in at 10:43.

The one long track is divided into two parts: “Attached” and “Detached.”  What starts off as almost like a dark ambient/dungeon synth sound then transitions into a MOBY-esque somber, yet majestic vibe about 3 minutes into the track.  Then it abruptly ends at around 5 minutes.

The second piece, “Detached” begins almost as an enhanced, liturgical sound yet still maintaining the somber/majestic spirit.  It would most certainly appear that this artist has a great perception of sonic depth and transitions as deep undercurrents lay below higher-pitched string sounds.  There appears to be an over-driven sound albeit only slightly.  Perhaps it is intentional.  If so, it’s done tastefully.  It’s very similar to that of an old vinyl LP. The demo ends before we know it.  So, with that… it will be interesting to see what this mysterious artist comes up with next.

Capelo’s digital-only demo is available as a Name Your own Price option via Bandcamp.

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