CROONA – “Dare To Die” EP Review (ebm/industrial)

Dare To DieCroona

Straight from Torben Schmidt’s amazingly prolfiic label, Infacted Recordings comes the latest single/EP from Croona, Dare To Die.

First of all, the EP should instead be called “Dare To Sing In A Natural Voice.”  Fredrik Croona – one of the masterminds behind Cynical Existence and my personal favorite of his, Menschdefekt, actually has a great voice!!  Take track one as a perfect example: “Dare To Die” single version.  Who would have thought since he typically sings in a forced-raspy tone.  

The EP contains 6 tracks which include 3 mixes of “Dare To Die,” one version of “Crawl” and one for “Dead Inside.”  Much of the EP is a fusion of synthpop and electro/ebm of course due to the diversity within the remixes.  While Croona’s voice shines in the aforementioned “Dare To Die,” the club edit mix of “Crawl” might be destined to be a dance floor killer; very catchy and worthy of maximum volume.  Stahlschlag’s remix of “Dare To Die” opts for a more effect-laden, subdued vocal in focusing as they do on aggressive beats and sounds.

Pretty solid single/EP if you are a fan of good ebm/electro.  Not surprising it’s put out by Infacted which always issues quality work.

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