Industrial Bass Artist SINTHETIK MESSIAH Announces The Release Of “Split Damage”

Post-Trip Hop 2-track EP Available NOW

April 27, 2020 – “Industrial Bass” artist SINTHETIK MESSIAH has announced the release of Split Damage; a special 2-track EP that pushes the boundaries previously set by the artist, entering into a post-trip hop arena.

Split Damage consists of two tracks that were influenced by the 90’s trip-hop sound.

For fans of: Portishead, Poe, Massive Attack and many others.

Ms. Hall describes the lyrics and meaning of “Languish” as “a song that is about the pain of separation,  longing-suffering that goes along with unrequited love.  Always wanting to dive into those feelings and know that the love was personal and real, while bleeding from the frustration of being helpless to dull the sensation.” 

Bug Gigabyte Describes “Emotional Therapy” as “a therapy session used to get past the first year anniversary of his birth mother passing away from stage 4 lung cancer.“

The unique sound of the EP is the result of the mixing and mastering of Mr. Joe Haze who developed his sound through analogue processors and techniques that originated from the early days of mixing and mastering.


Blending various elements of industrial, electro, dance, rock, ambient and pop, the international act SINthetik Messiah is the brain child of the cajun songwriter and sound designer, Bug Gigabyte. The name is a misspelling of the of the term ‘synthetic messiah’, which is the pronunciation used by the band. SINthetik Messiah has received radio play, publicity and respect from peers alike from around the globe.

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