Welcome.  The Noise Beneath the Snow is a blog dedicated to underground artists in the areas of power noise, ebm, industrial, synth-pop and metal genres.  So what makes this blog different? And where did I get the name?  I’m glad you asked.

The snow covers the ground which holds grass and other plants waiting to grow.  Think of bands and labels like that…. waiting to be heard above the flood of every other one.  If I can provide even a small voice to make that happen, I’m happy to do so.  Essentially this is about giving a voice to underground artists and labels who need to be heard….who deserve to be heard and paid attention to.

The plan is also to develop this into a full-on PR social media strategy campaign.

This blog will almost exclusively be devoted to artists in the above mentioned genres. We’ll also mix in some interviews, label reviews and whatever else we deem appropriate.

Your sole author is the guy in the picture… William Z.  My education consists of a Master’s in strategic leadership (focus on human-centered design) and a Bachelor’s in art.

See the Appreciation/Submission section for my “policy” on music submission

Please feel free to contact me at inwinterbleeding@hotmail.com.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and please subscribe for upcoming reviews.  Thanks.

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