Appreciation / Submission


I have received the support of around 70 labels, artists and PR agents.  A few of them I have already reviewed and there are a number I’m still going through at the moment. Rather than list them all here, I will email you a list if you like.  Just send me a note.

Re: Submissions…

I am MORE than happy to listen to your material to see if it’s something I’d like to cover.  I don’t believe in writing negative comments.  So if it is something I can’t get behind, I would rather not disrespect you by trashing in a review.  You are kind enough to send me your hard work for free and I will treat it with the same respect.  If I love it…I’ll write the best review I can.

I love digital downloads because I can pay attention to your music on my “down time”, do my research and write something good.  However, if digital downloads are not possible, I’m happy to review streams or even if you want to send physical releases.  Just ask ahead.

If possible, please include .pdf, .docx files with bios or whatever else information you have.  I like to do my research and know what I am talking about.  I will also search the net for artist/label bios.

Rest assured that I will listen to EACH and EVERY thing that comes my way.  I can’t promise I’ll always get it done before the release date but I will give those first priority before the previous releases.  If you have a deadline, let me know.

Also, rest assured that I do NOT… I repeat… do NOT share links, codes nor do I leak material or share it via “file sharing programs.”  I believe that “what comes around, goes around” so I prefer not to disrespect artists, labels or PR companies.

Just send me a message through here or at

NOTE: please do NOT share my reviews or blog link with any groups that promote sexism, homophobia, racism, suicide or Nazi garbage.  Please do not send me material from artists that promote these things either.  Otherwise, I’m grateful for  your offering.  I don’t mind pro-Europe martial, neo folk, but if I see swastikas or obvious references to the above mentioned issues, I will have a problem.

Thanks.  I can’t wait to hear from you….  There are many great things to come soon.