Interview With German Noise Artist SCATMOTHER

Continuing with the always under-appreciated and over-looked German noise scene, we turn our attention now to another intriguing underground act: Scatmother.  The latest release is a split with Chaos Cascade called Sacrificial Rites of Devotion.  Scatmother uniquely combines harsh noise with death industrial/post-industrial elements and occasional, abrasive vocals. We'd like to thank Scatmother for their... Continue Reading →

Interview With German Noise Artist RxAxPxE

"It is meant as a weapon of extremism in every way imaginable."  That's RxAxPxE for you: the nutshell synopsis of the obscure harsh noise artist from Germany.  RxAxPxE are proof that Germany can stand toe-to-toe against the noise exports from the likes of Japan or anywhere else for that matter.  Their latest release is Death... Continue Reading →

Interview With Experimental/Noise Artist PETROLIO

Petrolio is a mysterious act in the experimental/noise scenes based out of Rhode Island, USA.  Petrolio was founded by Enrio Cerrato, an active artist in the metal sector with InfectionCode, in the industrial scene with Gabbianferno and in the "jazznoisepunk" field with DiCosaSiNasce.  The latest Petrolio release is L+ES available on digital and ltd. edition vinyl... Continue Reading →

Interview With Harsh Noise Artist CHRISTWOUND

Christwound is indeed a force to be reckoned with in the harsh noise underground.  It's sole mastermind, Jordan L is the creative brain behind the project and hails from West Virginia, USA.  According to Bandcamp: "Chirstwound is a one man operation focusing on a visual and audio experience submerged in the macabre and noise realm. Based... Continue Reading →

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