Film Review: “Piovono Ombre” (Beneath The Snow)” (Gothic Multimedia Project, Italy)

What does a multi-media art gallery have in common with an old, haunted movie theater? Completely off the path we travel to Italy for a film review.  As it were, the guys behind this company found me entirely by accident given the name of the film and the blog. “Gothic” is a dark avant-garde multimedia … Continue reading Film Review: “Piovono Ombre” (Beneath The Snow)” (Gothic Multimedia Project, Italy)

Interview: SynthAttack (Germany – ebm/aggrotech)

EDITOR's NOTE: Please excuse the slight formatting errors.  For some reason, I was unable to fix them. SynthAttack has been beating the stages to a bloody pulp with their brand of ebm/aggrotech music for the past few years now.  They've just returned with their third release, Harsh Is Back - a flawless assault on the dance … Continue reading Interview: SynthAttack (Germany – ebm/aggrotech)

Inhibition – “Kafkaesque II” Album Review (noise/power electronics)

It's been a real pleasure working labels that have displayed so much pride in how their work is presented.  Reverse Records in the UK is one of those very few. Kafkaesque II is the new release by one of their artists, Inhibition; the project of Reverse's Keith Mitchell.  Whereas White Walls is more geared toward … Continue reading Inhibition – “Kafkaesque II” Album Review (noise/power electronics)

Colossloth – “Heathen Needles” Album Review (noise/drone)

Was that a scream underneath the noise or is the artist just that bloody good to manipulate noise well enough to emulate the sound? Noise is the dominant theme for the week and we start off with something extraordinary; the new release from Colossloth, Heathen Needles on Cold Spring Records. From Cold Spring Records: "Colossloth has … Continue reading Colossloth – “Heathen Needles” Album Review (noise/drone)

Super Dragon Punch!! – “Shatter EP” Review (ebm/synthpop)

Coming close to the end of a series of ebm/industrial/synth-pop releases, we bring you to the new EP from Belgium's Super Dragon Punch!!, Shatter EP. Super Dragon Punch!! is the project of Jeremie Venganza and has been in existence since 2012 after a series of involvement with various projects for 15 years.  I'm thinking the name … Continue reading Super Dragon Punch!! – “Shatter EP” Review (ebm/synthpop)