Proud/Father – “Sunlight Breaks Over The Black Pearl” Album Review (ambient/noise)

Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana is Proud/Father; a one-man project that presents the new release, Sunlight Breaks Over The Black Pearl.  The artist states, "It features heavy Heldon inspired synth and guitar explorations, ambient soundscapes of manipulated tape loops, effected rhythm boxes, and pulsating blasts of textured noise. " There are some strange (in a... Continue Reading →

Ryan McGuire – “Drukkna” Album Review

Boston-based artist Ryan McGuire, also a member of the avant-metal group Ehnahre comes to us today with his third solo release, Drukkna.  Almost completely un-classifiable, the seven-track release blends different elements of experimental/noise, avant-garde and ambient music.  What makes this effort original is that, as the artist states, it was " written for 4 amplified... Continue Reading →

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