58918012 – “60” Album Review (dark ambient/experimental)

Yes, the name of the project is 58918012.  And Yes, the 8 tracks are sequentially labeled "7,5" (1-8).  Why?  Who cares?  We like it when all context is removed and what we are left with is simply the music itself. Today from the Ukraine arrives 58918012 and their dark ambient album, 60.  What fascinated us about... Continue Reading →

Cadlag – “+” Album Review (experimental/noise)

CADLAG is a noise/drone projectbrought together by members of PureH, Dodecahedragraph, TGWFYTD, Extreme Smoke 57 and Earslaughter.  In December of 2017, they created one of the most stunning noise/drone releases which they had recorded live in a cathedral.  You can check that out HERE: "Cadlag project. — A space born in sound and a sound... Continue Reading →

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