Interview: Bridge To Imla & “The Radiant Sea” (dark ambient/drone)

Bridge to Imla is the duo of veteran German ambient artists Michael Brueckner and Hans-Dieter Schmidt.  The Radiant Sea is their new and debut release as a duo - releasing on December 1.  The Radiant Sea is one of those cases in which we felt that an interview was more appropriate due to the uniqueness and magical... Continue Reading →

News: Podcast Idea

Hey everyone. In my effort to expand the blog and expose underground artists, I thought it might be a good idea to create a podcast.  But being as we deal with such an array of styles, I'm not sure if it would work on all one channel. Now... If I do this, I'll make every... Continue Reading →

News 6.7.2017

Pretty good week.  We got the preliminary approval to interview German band Lord of the Lost when they come through in October and Blaze Bayley (formerly of Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane) when he arrives in August. Also, a Japanese ebm band that has been brought to my attention will be a lot of my focus... Continue Reading →

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