Andy Gillion (Mors Principium Est) Announces Debut Solo Album, “NEVERAFTER”

“Neverafter” is the debut solo album by Andy Gillion (lead Guitarist/ songwriter for Mors Principium Est). It features appearances from Jeff Loomis, Paul Wardingham, guest vocals from Christina Marie and drums are performed throughout by 66Samus (Samus Paulicelli). The album was co-produced, mixed and mastered by Thomas "Plec" Johansson at “The Panic Room”, Sweden (Soilwork, Scar Symmetry). “Neverafter” is a predominantly instrumental concept album comprised of... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Whettman Chelmets

Whettman Chelmets is a unique artist who blends ambient drone, post-rock, even jazz elements.  His latest release is Long Read Memories which was recorded using guitar, software, semi-modular synth and field recordings.  The album is a chronicle of his feelings about the arrest and conviction of his brother.  Herein Whettman presents an album that is as... Continue Reading →

An Interview With MMMΔ (dark ambient)

Egotism, Arrogance, Hypocrisy, Separation, Bitter truth and a mouth of gold to deliver it. Archetypes constituting a heavy mosaic that proves frail when the repercussions start to weigh in. MMMΔ’s new work EGOISMO is making its way to the surface one year exactly after the celebrated OST for Lukas Feigelfeld’s medieval horror film Hagazussa. Tremors,... Continue Reading →

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