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I have started my own PR operation called New Dark Ages PR.  You can see the site in progress at  We are also on FB and Twitter (links posted soon).  While we are also working with TAG as noted below, we’re expanding into our own territory.  If interested, please send me a note at

We just finished a tour PR campaign for Christian Death and are currently working with Mortiis, Machine Man Records, Neon Insect, Seij minus aC among others.  We can offer EP, LP, Video and tour PR support.  More info shortly…

Thanks as always!!


We have recently established a professional working relationship with TAG Publicity; a PR firm with a roster that includes the likes of Ex-Misfits Doyle and Michale Graves also Thrill Kill Kult, Lords of Acid all the way up to artists such as Neal Schon.  

More information will be available in the near future.  But let’s just say that we will have much greater tools at our disposal for the promotion of great labels and artists.  This includes album and tour promotion.  I will be handling areas including gothic/industrial, ebm and whatever else comes my way.

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