In the coming days and weeks, we are going to be adding a list of the labels, PR companies and individual artists who we have either already worked with or who have pledged support and we are in the process of reviewing the material.  This is going to take quite a while because we have amassed so many at this point.  So keep an eye out.

Dissident Records

Fall Into Void Records

Empire of Bliss Records
Immortal Frost Productions

Deathbound Records
Dewar PR
Hypnotic Dirge

Inverse Records

Apathia Records
Debemur Morti Productions
Erratum Records

Attenuation Circuit
Cyclic Law
Darker Than Black Records
Drone Records
Dunkelheit Productions
Final Gate Records
Massacre Records

The Level of Vulnerability

Transcending Obscurity

Aural Music
Dischi Bervisti
I, Voidhanger

Hiroshi Hasegawa (artist)
Seij minus aC (artist)
Weird Truth Productions
Zero Dimensional Records

Argento Records

Dark Essence Records

Caverba Abismal
Equilibrium Music

Mask of the Slave/Sun and Moon Records

Black Mara
Infinite Fog Productions
Wall Noise Action

4ib Records

Blackseek Productions
Mattoid Records


Asgard Hass
Luce Sia

Apocalyptic Witchcraft
Arachnophobia Records
Cold Spring Records
Harsh Noise Movement
Imperative PR
Invisible City Records

Acephale Winter (CA)
An Out Recordings (OR)
Auris Apothecary (IN)
Bindrune Recordings (MI)
Bloody Mountain Records (CA)
Blue Bedroom Records (WI)
Caligari Records (FL)
Clawhammer PR
Cryo Chamber (OR)
Earsplit PR
EEE Recordings (CO)
Endangered Species Tapes (PA)
Eternal Warfare Records (OR)
Fallen Empire Records (OR)
Lighten Up Sounds (MN)
Maniacal Hatred (MN)
Medical Records (WA)
Nuclear Blast Records
Transylvanian Tapes (CA)

Fluttery Records
Grand Sounds PR

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