Säröllä – “DNA Mirror Live” Album Review (experimental/dark ambient)

Not since Mick Harris's SCORN have electronic beats so ingeniously been met with textures of noise and dark ambient backdrops.  So, we're pleased to bring you another release from Finland's Säröllä; their digital album, DNA Mirror Live. If you can get past the incredibly high-pitched ringing in the first couple of tracks, then you are... Continue Reading →


Siegfried Karcher – “Nocturnal Hippie” Album Review

To Germany we travel for a new release from Attenuation Circuit; Nocturnal Hippie by Siegfried Karcher. Siegfried Karcher is a multi-talented multi-media artist whose works have achieved international recognition.  This includes numerous single and group exhibitions, audiovisual installations and live performances.  But today we feature his new sonic release. Albums like Nocturnal Hippie present a challenge to... Continue Reading →

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