Whyte Hand – “CS003, CS002, CS001” single(s) Review (drone/soundscape)

It's great when an artist presents their work in such a way that they allow it to speak for itself without lyrics, pretentious titles or even obnoxious cover art. (Off the record) - I wanted to cover this before going to the intended review of the day; this, due to its slightly unique presentation. So … Continue reading Whyte Hand – “CS003, CS002, CS001” single(s) Review (drone/soundscape)

She Spread Sorrow – “Mine” Album Review

She Spread Sorrow is the product of Italian artist Alice Kundalini.  Mine her latest release on Cold Spring records and the follow-up to her debut album, Rumspringa. Whenever Cold Spring tosses something in my direction, I know that it will be unique.  What we have here is a unique mix of minimalist death-induced soundscape/power electronics, dark … Continue reading She Spread Sorrow – “Mine” Album Review

DeepDark & Xerxes The Dark – “Inner Mystery” split CD

One of my favorite labels which I recently found out about is Black Mara from Russia. The care and quality that they place in their releases is nothing short of amazing and is a model to be looked to. Inner Mystery is the latest offering; a split album between dark ambient/drone artists DeepDark and Xerxes … Continue reading DeepDark & Xerxes The Dark – “Inner Mystery” split CD

Hezaliel – “In The World Of The Anesthetist” Album Review

Off we go back into what I'm officially going to refer to as "electro-purgatory;" a specific region of space that houses some of the more hard to categorize electronic artists.  It's a location where electronic artists create art that seems to sonically ascend and descend and incorporate such a variety of instrumentation into one cohesive … Continue reading Hezaliel – “In The World Of The Anesthetist” Album Review

Gopota – “Music for Primitive” Album Review

It's often a challenge, albeit a welcome one when I receive something that is difficult to put into a proverbial "box."  Moreover, it's always great to see an artist stretching limits of style. In this case, we have the Italian/Russian project, Gopota with the Music for Primitive release on Luce Sia; an album of tracks between 11 … Continue reading Gopota – “Music for Primitive” Album Review