Gopota – “Music for Primitive” Album Review

It's often a challenge, albeit a welcome one when I receive something that is difficult to put into a proverbial "box."  Moreover, it's always great to see an artist stretching limits of style. In this case, we have the Italian/Russian project, Gopota with the Music for Primitive release on Luce Sia; an album of tracks between 11 … Continue reading Gopota – “Music for Primitive” Album Review

Noise Cluster – “Planet of the Lost Dolls” Ltd. Tape Review

Planet of the Living Dolls is the latest release by Noise Cluster on Luce Sia Records.  The duo is comprised of Flavio Derbekannte and Arianna Degni Lombardo.  This is a concept release for which the band notes: "was inspired by the story of Don Julian Santana Barrera and the Island of the Dolls in Mexico. … Continue reading Noise Cluster – “Planet of the Lost Dolls” Ltd. Tape Review

Finn McNicholas – “Concrescence” Ltd. Tape Review

If you are not familiar with the work of Finn McNicholas, he is an incredibly prolific artist; a cellist, the composer of numerous short film scores and the man behind the project, Ultre.  What we have here is a new album, Concrescence, to be released on Opal Tapes. The instrumental foundation of this album is a … Continue reading Finn McNicholas – “Concrescence” Ltd. Tape Review

Paul Minesweeper – “Last Frontier” Album Review

Now we travel to Russia with a treat from a Russian label and a Russian artist; Black Mara Records and Paul Minesweeper respectively. Paul Minesweeper's work goes slightly beyond typical ambient/soundscape music.  He creates dense sonic pastures that increase and decrease in intensity, meander and ebb and flow from time to time. I asked Paul … Continue reading Paul Minesweeper – “Last Frontier” Album Review

GX Jupitter-Larsen-A Week of Kindness-Richard Ramirez – “Acognitive Culture”

An abandoned 24 hour factory haunted by the sounds and ghosts from long ago; the constant running of machines, the distant percussive strikes, the movement of mechanical parts that no longer exist?  This is track 1&2; a ghostly black ambient death industrial soundscape created by GX-Jupitter-Larsen, A Week of Kindness & Richard Ramirez-3 seasoned veterans … Continue reading GX Jupitter-Larsen-A Week of Kindness-Richard Ramirez – “Acognitive Culture”