An Interview With MMMΔ (dark ambient)

Egotism, Arrogance, Hypocrisy, Separation, Bitter truth and a mouth of gold to deliver it. Archetypes constituting a heavy mosaic that proves frail when the repercussions start to weigh in. MMMΔ’s new work EGOISMO is making its way to the surface one year exactly after the celebrated OST for Lukas Feigelfeld’s medieval horror film Hagazussa. Tremors,... Continue Reading →

An Interview With NERATERRÆ (dark ambient)

"NERATERRÆ's debut album “The Substance of Perception” (out on Cyclic Law records) is a daring collaborative work featuring some of the finest artists from the Dark Ambient, Drone, Cinematic and Ritual Music scene: Northaunt, Alexey Tegin from Phurpa, Treha Sektori, New Risen Throne, Flowers For Bodysnatchers, Taphephobia, Ugasanie, Xerxes The Dark and Infinexhuma.  The sound... Continue Reading →

Hiemis – “Hyperborea” Album Review (dark ambient)

Cavernous and exploring the concepts of sparsity and vastness; that can summarize our subterranean offering for today.  Hyperborea is the latest release from dark ambient act Hiemis on the Noctivagant label. Hyperborea  contains 6 tracks ranging from 3:36 to 12:34.    Much of this release as briefly noted explores drone-like vastness and sparsely-placed ambient planes. ... Continue Reading →

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