Khost – “Governance” Album Review

Khost's "Governance" just might be one of the heaviest things I have heard since GodFlesh's iconic "Streatcleaner" album.  It's no surprise then that this duo is from Birmingham, UK; the same homeland as Justin from Godflesh. Governance is the new release on Cold Spring Records, fusing a devastating mixture of noise infected doom, death industrial/backdrops and... Continue Reading →

She Spread Sorrow – “Mine” Album Review

She Spread Sorrow is the product of Italian artist Alice Kundalini.  Mine her latest release on Cold Spring records and the follow-up to her debut album, Rumspringa. Whenever Cold Spring tosses something in my direction, I know that it will be unique.  What we have here is a unique mix of minimalist death-induced soundscape/power electronics, dark... Continue Reading →

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