Leaether Strip – “50” Album Review

Someone is turning 50 this November.  So what better reason to celebrate such a fruitful career than by calling your album 50, right?  We wish Claus a happy 50th this November and thank him (and Kurt) through our support. I think that Claus went back and listened to his mid-late 90s discography and also some of... Continue Reading →

Album Review – “Spaectator”by Leaether Strip

One rule has remained throughout the career of Claus Larsen (aka Leaether Strip).  That is... there are no rules; no rules, no boundaries and without question, no apologies. Spaectator is the new album from Leaether Strip released on Rustblade Records.  CD, deluxe limited box, vinyl and digital download formats are available. I had the chance to... Continue Reading →

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