An Interview With Whettman Chelmets

Whettman Chelmets is a unique artist who blends ambient drone, post-rock, even jazz elements.  His latest release is Long Read Memories which was recorded using guitar, software, semi-modular synth and field recordings.  The album is a chronicle of his feelings about the arrest and conviction of his brother.  Herein Whettman presents an album that is as... Continue Reading →

Suture – “Atomage” Tape Review (harsh noise)

Imagine finding yourself as the last person in existence residing in barren, apocalyptic landscapes, at least until you transition into purgatory.  Low frequency static-graced drones slowly rise from every direction. Suture creates such an atmosphere with their new digital and ltd. cassette, Atomage.  The mystery surrounding this artist and the inspiration behind their tracks is something... Continue Reading →

Stefan Schmidt – “lärmschatten” Album Review (dark ambient/noise)

Stefan Schmidt is a pretty fascinating character when it comes to the grossly under rated and underexposed German experimental music/noise scenes.  His knowledge and balance between the abstract and specific are indeed noticeable as is his mindfulness of dynamics such as vastness vs. claustrophobic.   From Bandcamp: "stefan schmidt is a classical guitarist, composer and improviser.... Continue Reading →

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