Oestergaards – “Maal Niir” EP Review (dark ambient/noise)

We travel now into a darkened, murky world; subterranean and graced by wisps of noise. Today we have the new release by Sweden's dark ambient masters Oestergaards.  Maal Niir is the offering for today.  After the debut album Rötterna and the subsequent remix album Rötterna Decomposed, Oestergaards is now back with a 4-track EP that goes... Continue Reading →


Interview: Camecrude (experimental/noise/ambient)

Camecrude is the project of one Valentin Laborde ;a  truly unique artist who blends elements of noise and folk using such things as a hurdy gurdy, a Lyra 8 synth and his voice.  His influences came from Drone, Darkwave, Folk, Harsh Noise, Dark ambient, Gregorian Songs... And especially the philosopher E.M. Cioran.  Camecrude's latest release is... Continue Reading →

Candura – “/I” Tape Review (noise/drone)

With a bit of mystery and intrigue and need to hear some good noise drones, we go to Portugal to bring Candura's haunting and disturbing "/I" release. I/ contains two tracks and seems to be one of those releases that gives the opportunity to hear something new nearly every listen.  With this digital/cassette release, there... Continue Reading →

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