Interview: Rotten Evisceration (Peru) (death metal)

Rotten Evisceration is a brutal death metal band from Peru.  Blood Splattered Axe Records in conjunction with Guts 'n' Blood Records are proud to release Rotten Evisceration's album Ancient Grave Ascension on November 1.  The 8 track album is sure to please fans of brutal death metal/slam/goregrind etc.  We'd like to thank Rotten Evisceration for... Continue Reading →

Paradise Lost – “Medusa” Album Review

September 1 will be the date when Paradise Lost returns to the days of old with their new album, Medusa. For those of us who have grown up with Paradise Lost since their debut, Lost Paradise, and their second album, Gothic, those two albums hold special places in our heavy hearts. Medusa finds a welcome return to the sound of... Continue Reading →

Pathology – S/T “Pathology” Album Review

The plan for Noise Beneath the Snow didn't include a trip far into brutal death metal.  But when I learned of Pathology's new self-titled release due in July, as a fan I couldn't help myself in this case. Pathology is the San Diego trio's return to Comatose Music....July 21 to be exact. Pathology is predominantly a combination of... Continue Reading →

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