Inhibition – “Kafkaesque II” Album Review (noise/power electronics)

It's been a real pleasure working labels that have displayed so much pride in how their work is presented.  Reverse Records in the UK is one of those very few. Kafkaesque II is the new release by one of their artists, Inhibition; the project of Reverse's Keith Mitchell.  Whereas White Walls is more geared toward … Continue reading Inhibition – “Kafkaesque II” Album Review (noise/power electronics)

Soft Issues – Self-Titled EP Review (noise/power electronics)

While we're visiting the UK, since we've already seen the ambient side, let us now visit the other end of the spectrum; pure chaotic noise. We have now the self-titled 5-track digital EP from UK duo, Soft Issues.  Not much is known about this duo at least that I can find.  But that in effect … Continue reading Soft Issues – Self-Titled EP Review (noise/power electronics)

Kadaver – “Hypothermiasma” Album Review (noise/power electronics)

Now we go back a few months toward the beginning of 2017 with a noise artist who tossed something on our desk this last week.  We bring you Kadaver, a project by one Michael Zolotov from Israel. See instructions below: Instructions for creating a successful Kadaver album: Pick a very long and wide metal column, blast … Continue reading Kadaver – “Hypothermiasma” Album Review (noise/power electronics)

White Walls/Harsh Noise Movement – Split Album Review

Harsh Noise Movement is at it again.  One of the field's most active and prolific artists/labels teams up with White Walls, headed by K.Mitchell who runs Reverse Records in the UK-one of the most underrated noise/power electronics labels. White Walls's first track, "Not Normal" is a mostly over-drive affected (or low-end heightened) chopped up wall … Continue reading White Walls/Harsh Noise Movement – Split Album Review