Wednesday 13 – “Condolences” Album Review

June 2 sees the return of horror-punk hearse driver Wednesday 13 on his new label, Nuclear Blast.  New life is breathed into our resident representative of the undead with his latest release, Condolences. All the essential Wednesday elements are still intact; songs about grave robbing, stalking, the devil... all the things we have come to love … Continue reading Wednesday 13 – “Condolences” Album Review

Suffocation – “…Of the Dark Light” Album Review

Terrence Hobbs and Frank Mullen have been flying the Suffocation flag for nearly 30 years since before the classic Effigy of the Forgotten.  Since 1988, they have reduced barriers to rubble with their unique stamp on brutal death metal.  That includes what I call the "Hobbs' Hatchet;" riff, that choppy double or triple strike riff that Suffocation has had … Continue reading Suffocation – “…Of the Dark Light” Album Review

Interview with legendary Norwegian black metal band, Forgotten Woods

Forgotten Woods has historically been revered as one of the best black metal bands in what most would consider the "second wave."  It's been 23 years since they recorded their As the Wolves Gather & Sjel Av Natten releases in 1994, both considered important releases in the history of Norwegian black metal. ATMF Records have finally reissued these recordings in … Continue reading Interview with legendary Norwegian black metal band, Forgotten Woods

Pathology – S/T “Pathology” Album Review

The plan for Noise Beneath the Snow didn't include a trip far into brutal death metal.  But when I learned of Pathology's new self-titled release due in July, as a fan I couldn't help myself in this case. Pathology is the San Diego trio's return to Comatose Music....July 21 to be exact. Pathology is predominantly a combination of … Continue reading Pathology – S/T “Pathology” Album Review

Gatecreeper – “Sonoran Depravation” Album Review

Remember in the early 1990s when many of the Century Media and Earache Records bands created sounds that were unique and consequently influential?  Take Entombed, Unleashed, Dismember and Grave to name a few.  It was that Swedish-born, raw, down-tuned gritty sound that was truly distinctive. If you grew up then, you know what I'm talking … Continue reading Gatecreeper – “Sonoran Depravation” Album Review