OwlCrusher – S/T Album Review (epic doom metal)

Things are looking up in the world of doom. Sound incongruous?  Perhaps.  But Northern Ireland's OwlCrusher proves that doom metal is alive and well and as devastating as ever.  Earlier in the week we discussed toads (i.e Master Toad) so today we go to the other side of the pond. If you've been following the... Continue Reading →


Gloom – “Catharsis” Album Review

From gloom comes catharsis (the process of releasing therefore providing relief) should one choose to rise above the negative.  But from Slovakia comes gothic metal band Gloom with their second release Catharsis; a cut above the run-of-the-mill gothic metal/power metal acts that exist today. You'll notice the Metal section of Noisebeneaththesnow.com hasn't been quite as active... Continue Reading →

Rings of Saturn – Ultu Ulla Album Review

Rings of Saturn have been abusing musical boundaries since their inception in 2009. Despite numerous member changes, founding member Lucas Mann continues to lead the charge with mind bending compositions and other-worldly riff-packed albums. They do so once again with the soon to be released, Ultu Ulla Nuclear Blast Records.  It's no wonder behind the band name.... Continue Reading →

Chiral – “The Gazer’s Throne” Single Review

Italy's Chiral is one of those bands that is impossible to categorize.  In fact, the "band" is but one incredibly talented man. "The Gazer's Throne" is the new single from Chiral.  exclusively released on the cassette version of Gazing Light Eternity on Folkvangr Records. However, the digital download version is also available now. What we have... Continue Reading →

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