Cimitir Speaks: Dungeon Synth/Dark Ambient Halloween Interview

"An eerie electronic experience for morbid maniacs and sinister souls." is how Cimitir is self-described on their Bandcamp site.  Admittedly, what struck our initial curiosity about this California-based project was the interesting cover art of the latest release, Duskhymns.  After diving further into their music, we found it substantially better than your average instrumental, horror-inspired albums. ... Continue Reading →

Interview: “Broadcasts From Beyond” (occult recordings/EVPs/Seances etc.)/HouseWife Records

Housewife Records is a small Ontario-based label featuring some pretty extraordinary, unique items.  Later this year they will be releasing the vinyl LP version of their "Broadcasts From Beyond" release.  "Broadcasts From Beyond is made up of "genuine" occult recordings. It features audible EVPs, seances, exorcisms, and other spiritual communications from beyond the grave."   We... Continue Reading →

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