Retaliate Of Anger – “Final Echo” Album Review (ebm/glitch)

From our friends at Machine Man Records comes a trip between the 90s to the left and present-day ebm to the right. From Bandcamp: "With lyrical themes inspired and influenced by the works of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, H.P. Lovecraft, Salem and the Secret World online MMORPG games, Retaliate Of Anger is not... Continue Reading →


GoMa – “S/T” Album Review (electronic/rock)

From our friends at Machine Man Records comes yet another release exercising their vision to diversify their roster.  So today we have for your the self-titled release from GoMa. From Machine Man Records:  "Blending genres such as alternative, rock and electronic music, GoMa combines all the musical interests Juan had growing up into one band by... Continue Reading →

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