Daemonia Nymphe – “Macbeth” Album Review

Some albums that cross our path are deeper than others; regardless of their dynamic or minimalist qualities.  Daemonia Nymphe's interpretation and soundtrack for Macbeth is our choice this time and is a release we've been meaning to review for a little while now. The band is the product of Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou.  This release, in fact, … Continue reading Daemonia Nymphe – “Macbeth” Album Review

Forgotten Pathways – “Shrouded In Mystery” Album Review

The magic and imagination of late 90s dungeon synth is what brings us to our offering for today; a 2LP and digital release courtesy of our friends at Dunkelheit in Germany.  This is the re-release of Forgotten Pathways' cult classic Shrouded In Mystery. From Bandcamp: "The dark and haunting magic of this classic Dungeon Synth gem … Continue reading Forgotten Pathways – “Shrouded In Mystery” Album Review

Interview: Kruksog (Neo-folk, Bulgaria)

Female vocals aren't exactly two words that are typically synonymous with what people traditionally view as neo-folk music.  But little does the world know of a hidden gem in Bulgaria; that being Kruksog and the lovely lady behind it, Margaritka. A thorough search on the internet didn't yield much regarding the history of Kruksog; only … Continue reading Interview: Kruksog (Neo-folk, Bulgaria)

Caine Rose – “All The Leaves..”Manchester Benefit song (neo-folk)

I happened upon this great track this morning in my search for some great new neo-folk to review.  I struck two great birds with a stone's throw on this.  What we have here is "All the Leaves; Never Bowed, Never Broken" by Caine Rose. From Bandcamp: "Multi-instrumentalist Caine Rose performs dark folk inspired by bluegrass, … Continue reading Caine Rose – “All The Leaves..”Manchester Benefit song (neo-folk)

Falgar – “En La Vanguardia” Album/Tape Review

Here we have Falgar; the second part of the surprise provided to us by Lighten Up Sounds out of Minnesota; the first being Wapentake. Falgar is the project of Etienne Tel'uial, a native of Puerto Rico now residing in Vermont. Wonderfully produced and mixed.. the vocals are magnificently layered.  The music, acoustic in nature surveys … Continue reading Falgar – “En La Vanguardia” Album/Tape Review