Interview: Kruksog (Neo-folk, Bulgaria)

Female vocals aren't exactly two words that are typically synonymous with what people traditionally view as neo-folk music.  But little does the world know of a hidden gem in Bulgaria; that being Kruksog and the lovely lady behind it, Margaritka. A thorough search on the internet didn't yield much regarding the history of Kruksog; only … Continue reading Interview: Kruksog (Neo-folk, Bulgaria)

Caine Rose – “All The Leaves..”Manchester Benefit song (neo-folk)

I happened upon this great track this morning in my search for some great new neo-folk to review.  I struck two great birds with a stone's throw on this.  What we have here is "All the Leaves; Never Bowed, Never Broken" by Caine Rose. From Bandcamp: "Multi-instrumentalist Caine Rose performs dark folk inspired by bluegrass, … Continue reading Caine Rose – “All The Leaves..”Manchester Benefit song (neo-folk)

Falgar – “En La Vanguardia” Album/Tape Review

Here we have Falgar; the second part of the surprise provided to us by Lighten Up Sounds out of Minnesota; the first being Wapentake. Falgar is the project of Etienne Tel'uial, a native of Puerto Rico now residing in Vermont. Wonderfully produced and mixed.. the vocals are magnificently layered.  The music, acoustic in nature surveys … Continue reading Falgar – “En La Vanguardia” Album/Tape Review

Wapentake – “Murmurations” Album/Tape Review

A welcome surprise arrived on the proverbial doormat this week.  I have been seeking some new material in the neo-folk vein.  So, today's score arrives courtesy of Lighten Up Sounds; a small tape label in Minnesota. Wapentake is the solo project of Hreodbeorht of the black/thrash band Cultfinder. Murmurations was released (ltd. 100 copies) on June … Continue reading Wapentake – “Murmurations” Album/Tape Review

Chiral – “The Gazer’s Throne” Single Review

Italy's Chiral is one of those bands that is impossible to categorize.  In fact, the "band" is but one incredibly talented man. "The Gazer's Throne" is the new single from Chiral.  exclusively released on the cassette version of Gazing Light Eternity on Folkvangr Records. However, the digital download version is also available now. What we have … Continue reading Chiral – “The Gazer’s Throne” Single Review