Trepaneringsritualen – “Kainskult” Album Review

Today we have for you the latest release by Trepaneringsritualen, Kainskult courtesy of Tesco in Germany.  "T.xRxP" as the project is often referred to, is the product of Swedish ritual mastermind Thomas Ekelund. From Tesco Germany: "Kainskult keeps all the basic building blocks of Perfection & Permanence: the tribal drumming, the atavistic propulsion, the clattering metal percussion,... Continue Reading →

Daemonia Nymphe – “Macbeth” Album Review

Some albums that cross our path are deeper than others; regardless of their dynamic or minimalist qualities.  Daemonia Nymphe's interpretation and soundtrack for Macbeth is our choice this time and is a release we've been meaning to review for a little while now. The band is the product of Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou.  This release, in fact,... Continue Reading →

Interview: Kruksog (Neo-folk, Bulgaria)

Female vocals aren't exactly two words that are typically synonymous with what people traditionally view as neo-folk music.  But little does the world know of a hidden gem in Bulgaria; that being Kruksog and the lovely lady behind it, Margaritka. A thorough search on the internet didn't yield much regarding the history of Kruksog; only... Continue Reading →

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