Marker “S/T” LP Album Review

Remember the brilliance of the time between 80s new wave through early 90s alternative (i.e. 4AD artists like Cocteau Twins & Lush)? Do you remember everything great about it? Two artists have reminded us of just that as of late; the first being Drab Majesty and in this case, today's offering of Marker's self-titled LP.... Continue Reading →

StykFaktor – “Fifteen Winters” Album Review

If there is one thing that has remained certain for the St. Louis, Missouri music scene is that our electronic bands have been criminally under-appreciated and always over-looked. Fifteen Winters is the new album from St. Louis's StykFaktor to mark his (Styk-the band's sole member) 15 year anniversary since the inception of the project. The past 15... Continue Reading →

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