Merzbow/Raven/Dao De Noize – “Animal Liberation” split CD Album Review

  Ok, time to go back into the noise arena for a bit.  We're going to go back a couple of years on this one and turn our sights to the Merzbow/Raven/Dao de Noize split CD, Animal Liberation; one track per artist and courtesy of 4ib Records out of Singapore. When it comes to the... Continue Reading →

GRVD – “Revenge” Album Review

Whoa... where in the world did this come from?  Ok, this actually came to me out of nowhere via email straight from the artist; the sole guy behind GRVD as unexpected but pleasant surprise. From Bandcamp, "This is an album about trauma and abuse. This is not a glorification or exploitation of such subjects. Rather,... Continue Reading →

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