Blasterkorps – “Nos Annees Mortes” CD Album Review

Today's selection comes to us from one of my new favorite labels, Infinite Fog Productions.  IFP is further proof that limiting reviews to new releases doesn't make a lot of sense, especially in the genres we deal with. So here we have Nos Annees Mortes by Blasterkorps, otherwise known as the minds of Geoffroy D.  and Leonce … Continue reading Blasterkorps – “Nos Annees Mortes” CD Album Review

Ahlzagailzehguh – “Trashed” tape review

Ten years ago, Chondritic Sound released this harsh noise tape on a 3" CD-R.  Here we have the reissue by Skeleton Dust Records on a proper cassette release. From Skeleton Dust... "Trashed" still proves to be a defining moment in the mid-2000s explosion of American harsh noise."  Harsh...  that's putting it lightly.  This is definitely one … Continue reading Ahlzagailzehguh – “Trashed” tape review

“Frankenoise Conquers the World” – V/A Album Review & a small note about noise

Previously we did a review on the first two albums in the "Frankenoise" series from Sudden Moment Recordings.  Now we have the third and final installment; Frankenoise Conquers the World.  From Bandcamp; "Part 3, and the final chapter in the Frankenoise series.  Artists were asked to create a track inspired by their favorite character in any … Continue reading “Frankenoise Conquers the World” – V/A Album Review & a small note about noise

Khost – “Governance” Album Review

Khost's "Governance" just might be one of the heaviest things I have heard since GodFlesh's iconic "Streatcleaner" album.  It's no surprise then that this duo is from Birmingham, UK; the same homeland as Justin from Godflesh. Governance is the new release on Cold Spring Records, fusing a devastating mixture of noise infected doom, death industrial/backdrops and … Continue reading Khost – “Governance” Album Review