Over Kill – The Wings of War Album Review (thrash metal)

February 22 sees the return of thrash metal legends Over Kill's 19th studio effort, The Wings of War.  It's almost hard to believe that it's been nearly 35 years since the release of their debut Feel The Fire.  But yet the house that "Blitz" and DD (Verni) built still stands and as strong as ever. From... Continue Reading →


Ministry – “AmeriKKKant” Album Review

“We are making a fuckin’ album - right now.” These were the words spoken by Al Jourgensen when he awoke on November 9, 2016 and after realizing the results of the Presidential election. AmeriKKKant is the culmination of Al's latest rant fueled by rage and verbal pyromania.  Nuclear Blast has embraced this appropriately as Ministry's new... Continue Reading →

Nightwish – “Decades” Album Review

March 9 will see the release of Decades - a compilation featuring 22 career-spanning tracks from Nightwish on Nuclear Blast Records.  While Nightwish certainly requires no introduction for those of us who have grown up with their music, it cannot be understated that Decades is indeed the perfect introduction for those potential fans who have yet to... Continue Reading →

Paradise Lost – “Medusa” Album Review

September 1 will be the date when Paradise Lost returns to the days of old with their new album, Medusa. For those of us who have grown up with Paradise Lost since their debut, Lost Paradise, and their second album, Gothic, those two albums hold special places in our heavy hearts. Medusa finds a welcome return to the sound of... Continue Reading →

Ghost Bath Interview/Starmourner Album Review

Ghost Bath is a band of many contradictions; a nameless vocalist & numerous lyric-less songs for a band making a name for themselves, piano pieces that serve as bookends for a work of black metal, themes of depression and sorrow with some uplifting, almost anthem-like songs.  Then again, perhaps these are not so much contradictions as... Continue Reading →

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